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about us

Do you know your Car is made up of Approximately 30,000 Parts?

Yes! You heard us right, and every single part of your car needs a special care and maintenance. Owning a luxury car is easy nowadays, but finding a right car maintenance & repair service company in Mumbai is a hassle. Well not anymore!
SS Cars is taking care of luxury cars from past 30 years and has earned the reputation of most trusted and reliable luxury car repair & maintenance center in Mumbai. Our Service specializes in Ford, Audi, Mercedes, Range Rover, BMW, Jeep, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Skoda and other Luxury Super cars.

about us

Why Choose SS Cars For Your Volvo Car Servicing in Mumbai?

why choose us

The value of excellent Volvo service cannot be overstated. Volvo Car servicing is an important part of owning such luxury car, and it pays to have only the best experts on your side. We do our best at SS Cars to nurture excellence in maintenance, as we endeavour to deliver every fix, hard repair, or routine Volvo service. Our duties are made easier by Volvo's great quality, but that doesn't mean things can't go wrong. Trust us in Mumbai for all of your Volvo car servicing.
SS Cars has long been known for providing fair, open, and knowledgeable Volvo service. If you own a Volvo, why would you ever settle for a dusty repair facility that lacks in- depth Volvo knowledge? We live and breathe Volvo here at SS Cars, and we know precisely what it takes to give the finest Volvo service possible.
It pays to have qualified specialists who are familiar with Volvo car servicing. Our specialists have plenty of Volvo car servicing experience from past three decades, so you can be confident that your Volvo won't surprise us with anything we haven't seen before.
Being a customer of ours at SS Cars undoubtedly helps. We provide easy Volvo service appointments, multi-point inspections, and guaranteed best deals through discounts to help you save when you do business with us. Volvo car servicing can be an expensive endeavour; we're here to ease any concerns and assist you in any way we can. Our skilled specialists can handle both complicated and complex Volvo service. We also specialise in minor repairs such as tyre rotations, oil changes, battery replacements, brake repair, windshield wiper replacement, fluid replacements, and much more. We've seen it all, and we're more than capable of giving competent solutions. While we have the greatest expertise with Volvo car servicing, we can also repair any car to a high standard.
Convinced yet? If not give us a call and our expert will consult you regarding your Volvo car servicing concerns. And guess what? It’s absolutely free consultation.



We are experienced Automobile service company having skilled auto technical staffs for emergency roadside break down assistance service. This is a highly demanded service in the market.


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